Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014 email to mom

January 7, 2014
Hey Mom!

I don´t know where you heard that we have a computer, but we don´t. And we don´t have cell phones, either. We use phones in tiendas (stores on the corners) to make phone calls. [Michelle usually uses computers at e-mail cafes. [Mom misunderstood what Michelle said in an email to us.]

On a fun note—Hermana Peterson said that I talked in Spanish in my sleep last night.  Take that as you will I just think it means I’m learning a lot.

Tender mercy this week - we found a place in Panajachal that sells Grape Jelly. So that, along with the peanut butter Laura sent me, I´ve been able to have JIF and Concord Grape Jelly sandwiches. It´s almost gone, but what can you do. I´m just grateful that we found it. And it was only 24 quetz (which is like 3 dollars).
Anyway, this week has been good. We had divisions on Saturday to Sunday and it was fantastic. Hermana Turley (from Utah) is a hard worker and loves this work. Anyway, she helped us a lot and gave us new ideas to try in our area.

Can we still do volunteer work AT the Bishop Storehouse? Or no?

I love this work. It´s the best. This week we taught some really powerful lessons. And I´m getting to a point now where I can adapt what I say for the person we´re teaching. I think I did it before, but it really happened a lot this week, where we were changing the type of information we taught (not that it changes a lot, but you just emphasize different parts of the lesson). Last night, we were teaching someone who mostly understands Spanish, but the Ward Mission Leader helped a lot in translating for us. And for some reason, when we were teaching prayer, I really felt the Spirit really strongly in my heart. I almost started crying and Hermana Peterson was asking, "What´s wrong?" Nothing. Just the Spirit. I know that our loving Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. Maybe not in the time we want, but always in His time and His way. I love that knowledge. When we sincerely ask, are disposed to do His will, and have faith that we will receive, He will answer. I know that.

I hope that you´re doing well and I pray for you all the time!

I love you, mom.

Hermana Conover

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