Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 23, 2014

Hi daddy!

I love you! I pray for you and mom and our family everyday.

I´m doing really good.  I have a new companion - her name is Hermana Euceda (A-u-say-da) and she´s from Honduras. She´s pilas (awesome, fantastic, etc., in Guatemala) and she´s obedient with exactness and diligent and we´re going to do fantastic things in Sololá. She only has one more change [transfer] than I do and we´re going to get along great, I can feel it.

The Spanish is coming along, como siempre. And We don´t learn the dialects.  There´s only one part of our mission that learns a dialect and there are Elders there, so I kind of know a few things (like what´s your name and goodbye), but I can understand a lot of it. It´s not pure Chat´chi´kel (I
have no idea how it´s spelled, that´s just how it sounds to me) and I can understand a little bit. Or, at least about Gospel stuff, I can understand. 

That sounds nice, going to Pismo. I hope you and mom have a good time.

Yeah, Afton [Jensen--newly called to serve a mission in Michigan] has been emailing me, expressing some of her concerns about the mission and I´ve just been helping her how I could. I would have loved to help her prepare more for her mission, but being hundreds of miles apart doesn´t help that. Anyway, I´m glad it helped her. And I love the things we learn in our BYU classes.

I do feel you love and the love of Heavenly Father, as well. We had the wonderful opportunity to hear from Elder Cook yesterday. And we got to shake his hand. Every missionary that was there. There were about 800 (missionaries from Sur, Este, and Centrál [South, East and Central Guatemala City Missions]). The talks were definitely inspired (from Elder Cook, his wife, 4 of the Area Seventies(. It wasfantastic. Elder Cook talked about how, on our missions, we have to have 4
different types of love for people - the people of Guatemala, our companion (and to learn from them), our Mission President and his wife (and Elder Cook explained how sometimes they assign missionaries because they feel hey need to be with a specific Misison President(, and love for the Lord.  I loved the talks and the Spirit was so strong.

And after, I saw my friend Savannah Roll who was in my Sophomore ward and is now serving in Guatemala Este. It was good to see her. And we´re definitely where we´re supposed to be where we´re assigned. Elder Cook explained the choosing process for calls and there is no mistake that
we´re where we´re supposed to be.

And I love two talks that I read from conference this morning - Wilt Thou be made whole? and Drawing Closer to God. I love those talks.

And in the work right now, we have a few investigators that could be baptized. We´re working with a girl right now who can be baptized this Sunday (she said that she knows the church is true and she´s gone to church 4 times), so we´re praying hard for a miracle baptism this weekend.

Anyway, I love you! I hope you´re doing well! I pray for you and mom andour family everyday!

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Pumpkin Conover

January 23, 2014

Hi momma!

I love you! I pray for you and dad and our family everyday.
You are one amazing woman and example to me. You´re always working with the ward and with our family. As you say, there´s no rest for the weary and I´m really beginning to understand that now.
I´m doing really good. 
I have a new companion - her name is Hermana Euceda (A-u-say-da). She´s from Honduras and she is pilas. I´m excited to work with her. She´s obedient with exactness and diligent as well. We´re going to do amazing things in Sololá.

One of the things we´re doing in Sololá is working with a girl who´s 16 and she just got married in December. She can be baptized this Sunday, but things are happening in her in-laws family and she says she´s going to wait till February. I know she can be baptized now and we´re going to continue to work hard and pray harder for her to be baptized sooner. She´s gone to church 4 times and she´s said that the church is true, so we´re going to work with her. And we´ve found some people in our area that (I think) are ready to listen and will be good members if they continue to listen.

And I love the people of Sololá. The members that work with us are amazing - they can speak the dialect and sometimes they contact people because they don´t seak Spanish. On Sunday, we did divisions (splits) and I went with one of the members of the ward. We ended up having 5 mini lessons in 3 hours. It felt good. We ended up having 9 lessons that day. It was good.

We had a conference yesterday with Elder Cook and misisons Este and Sur and Centrál. And everyone there got to shake Elder Cook´s hand. And The messages were amazing and inspired. Elder Cook talked about 4 loves we need on the mission - for our companions, the people, our mission President and his wife, and the Lord. Sister Cook did a singing activity with us and bore her testimony. And the area presidency was there, too. It was a really good conference. 
I saw my friend Hna. Roll (she was in my 2nd year of college in my ward). She´s in Este. One of my other friends said, "I heard they work you hard in Central" as in, "I´m sorry you´re working so hard" and I thought, I love it. It´s not bad. I love the work and it´s important to give EVERYTHING in these few months we have. I love the mission and I love that we work with diligence and obedience with exactness.

I read two conference talks this morning - Wilt thou be made whole (which talks briefly about Corrie ten Boom) and Drawing closer to God. They´re both great.

Food wise - breakfast, oatmeal or cereal with yogurt and O.J. and lunch changes everyday, 
Usually chicken, with tortillas, and some side (pasta with mayo, rice, black beans, etc.) and dinner, a sandwich or cereal after we plan.

I love you, mom. I hope you´re doing well! Don´t kill yourself by doing everything that you do!
I love you!

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Bugaboo Conover

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