Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Letters to dad and mom 7-1-14

July 1, 2014

Hi daddy!

I love you!

I hope you had fun at Girl`s Camp. Maybe next year we can both go. :)

Well, I talked to the other Norte in our district and we`re going to have Correlation on Friday and we`re thinking that we might buy a watermelon and eat it. That will probably be about it.

For Chester`s baptism, maybe you can say this for me:

"The Holy Ghost is a gift that our loving Heavenly Father has given us. We can have the guidance of the Holy ghost when we`re obedient to the commandments of God and listen. It`s hard sometimes to hear the Holy Ghost sometimes, but if we pay attention to our feelings and our thoughts, we can feel the guidance oft he Spirit. It might just be a feeling to do something. Or it might be a thought. But when we follow the promptings of the spirit, we will see blessings in our lives. 
I`m so proud of you, Chester, for making the decision to follow the example of Jesus Christ. As you move forward with "steadfast faith in Christ" (2 Nehi 31:20), you will have the guidance and friendship of the Holy ghost to help you make decisions in your life. I love you."
That would probably be about it. Thanks for asking.

The preparation for the mission and for life is crucial. If we`re not prepared when the trials hit, we`ll crumble. But if we are prepared, then "we shall not fear" (in Doctrine and Covenants, but I don`t remember where exactly). The formulative years of young men and young women are crucial. I am grateful for strong, youth leaders and how they have helped me grow my testimony. I`m also grateful for the mission - it builds your testimony of faith so much. And your foundation. I am grateful for the experiences that we have in life and what these experiences do to help us grow and move forward (like elder Bednar`s talk from conference about loads). We need trials to help us move forward and we need to build our character between the trials so that we can learn and grow from them and not crumble.

Do you know what President Brough thought about angels in the mission? They`re our ancestors and our future kids. Our grandparents and our children are the angels that God sends to help us out and watch over us. I`m grateful for angels - I have seen may instances where I have been helped by angels. I`m greatful.

I love you, dad! I hope that you and our family are all good! I pray for you and mom and our family everyday!

Con MUCHO amor,

hermana Pumpkin Conover

July 1, 2014

Hi momma!

I love you!

Yes, our investigator said yes to baptism - he`s getting baptized this Sunday. 

I love missionary work - I didn`t really have a huge love for it before my mission but now I do. And it`s so important - like almost all of the prophets have said (if not all of them) that it`s our responsibility to share the Gospel with everyone. Our family, friends, acquaintances, the people in the store, etc. It`s crucial that we help our fellow men and women - our siblings - find this Gospel. And a lot of them are waiting to hear it. They just don`t know where to find it. 
I`m excited to hear about the sisters in the ward. And the missionary work that will move forward there, as well.

That statement is indeed brief, but profound. It teaches doctrines such as the Priesthood, Apostasy (and what it is), service in the Church, and the Plan of Salvation. I love how the Lord works - clear and simple. You can`t misinterpret what it says.

We looking for more people to teach and are trying to help them realize the importance of coming to church.

I remember I wrote dad in the CCM about feeling the presence of Grandpa Jones and Conover next to me. This morning, I felt Grandma Jones. I thought you`d like to know that. President Brough (and Hermana Markham) both believe in Angels that attend us, especially here in the mission. Angels exist, but they`re usually there to help us along in our journey and console us

I love you! I pray for you and dad and our family everyday! I hope all is well and that you can feel my love, all the way from Guatemala.

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Sweetie Conover

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