Monday, July 14, 2014

Letters to dad and mom July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Hi daddy!

I love you!

Definitely did not think of 7-11. Hm. We´ll have to celebrate it next year. :)

That´s nice you went to the Temple with Laura and Ryan and his parents. I can´t wait to go back to the Temple. Especially with you and mom and our family.

I´m in a place in the capital called Villa Hermosa. My companion is Hermana Santos. She´s from Peru and really sweet. She just finished her training. I´m excited to get to know her better and help her grow more as a missionary.

We had interviews with President Markham today. He has been called of God to be here in this mission and I´m grateful that I have the opportunity to have two mission Presidents that listen to the Spirit a lot. He shared something about the Atonement that I liked a lot. He said (quoting Elder Maxwell), "The Atonement makes an uneven world even." And after he said, "And that´s hard to do." The Atonement, when we use it to the fullest in our lives, makes such a big difference. We can be clean. We can be whole. We can have help and strength to do the hard things we need to do. I think of Kelly´s phrase of "Suck it up, cupcake, and sometimes we do hard things." It´s true. As we move forward with the strength of the Atonement and we truly repent, we can have the assurance that the Holy Ghost is with us and guiding us and that we are clean.

Dad, thank you for your wonderful example in everything you do. I hope to be like you and mom someday. You both have done amazing things for other people and you are such a great example of service. I want to thank you for your letters every week. You listen to the Spirit when you write them. Just know that. I know we´re many miles apart, but I do feel of your love and support all these miles apart.

I love you, dad! I pray for you and our family everyday!

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Pumpkin Conover


Hi momma!

I love you!

And yes, I´m senior Companion in Villa Hermosa. I´m back in the capital after many months. :) My companion is Hermana Santos from Peru. She´s a sweetheart and she just finished her training. And responsibilities - from what President Markham told me in my interview is to love my companion, follow the schedule, be obedient, and work hard. And be a leader through example. He said, "If you have to say ´I´m Senior Companion´, you´re not doing it right." And thanks for reminding me about hte Six B´s - that´s a good reminder. And a good thing to live by, as well. And the section of 121 - we call it "giving chicote with love" (dando chicote con amor). "Chicote" is like reproving someone or correcting them (literally chicote is a bull whip). But if you love someone, you´re going to correct them. If you don´t, then you won´t correct them. But yes, you have to do it with love or else the people won´t accept it at all and will take offense. Well, they still might take offense, but you did you´re part.

Here in our mission, we have the person be confirmed the Sunday after their baptism. If they get baptized one Saturday, then the next day. If they get baptized a Sunday, then the next Sunday. It´s rare that someone gets confirmed right after their baptism (and you have to get permission from the Mission President).
Patulul was hot and humid. But, you got used to it. Here in Guate in Villa Hermosa, it is definitely cooler. Especially at night. It´s nice. 

I´ll write more about the area next week - I´m still getting to know it. It´s a lot smaller than my last area, but there are more houses closer together. It´s nice to not be taking a pickup or tuctuc every hour. We can walk to all of our area. Well, most of it. There´s only a hill that goes up to the GATED COMMUNITY of the Bishop. I haven´t seen a gated comminuty for a really long time. And I´m in a ward. And the members help us a lot here. 

This week I have learned a lot about prayer. And how we have to have patience to wait for our answers. There´s a scripture in Mormon 9:21 that I love. If we believe in Christ and don´t doubt for anything, then it will be given unto us. But we have to have patience. It´s hard sometimes - I know for me that when I´m passing through a trial, I want an answer now and it´s hard to wait. But I know that as we wait with faith and patience and are diligent with our prayers, Heavenly Father will bless us with the thing we need. He will answer in His time and in His way, but He will always answer. We just have to be patient and work hard while we´re waiting.

Mom, I love you. I´m thankful for everything that you have done for me and are doing for me and will do for me. I´m sorry if I wasn´t appreciative before my mission, but now I am. Thank you. I love you. You are an example to me and hope to be like you someday.

Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Conover

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