Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Letters to Dad and Mom July 8, 2014

July 8, 2014

Hi daddy!

I love you!

Well, I think it´s ok that you bought an air mattress this year. I know you turned 25 again this year, but I think it´s ok. :)

We didn´t go to the re-dedication of the CCM, but they were definitely remodeling while we were there. That´s good that they finished.

We had a conference this last Thursday and we met President Markham and Hermana Markham. They are very sweet and are also very firm in "obedience with exactness". I´m grateful that we have the opportunity to learn from 2 mission presidents and apply their teachings in our lives and to help the lives of the investigators and converts and members. 

And yes, we asked a member to buy us a watermelon for us and then paid him for it. It was the best watermelon that I´ve eaten in my mission. It was really good.

We had a baptism this week - it was the husband of the sister we baptized a few weeks ago. His wife was so happy on Sunday. I can´t wait until they go to the Temple.

And I´m leaving Patulul. I have changes tomorrow. I´m sad to be leaving Patulul and Hermana Flores. But, I´m needed somewhere else and I know that I´m meant to help other people in another area. But, I´m grateful that I was here in Patulul and that I was able to see miracles here. I know that this is the Lord´s work and that we are only instruments in His hands. 

And love the sister missionaries in the ward. Just love them. They want to help and help the members have good missionary experiences. Missions are really similar and I know that they want to help to invite people to come unto Christ. 

I love you, dad! I pray for you and our family everyday. Have fun with Laura and Ryan and the kids this week! I love you!

con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Conover

July 8, 2014

Hi momma!

I love you!

[Michelle woke up to a 6.9 earthquake on Monday the 7th.  It was located just southeast of Chiapas in Mexico.]

Yeah, we´re fine. It was a pretty good jolt, for sure, but we´re ok. We didn´t lose water or anything. And our house is fine, but it was a pretty good jolt. 

We went to Satiago, Atitlán yesterday for our P-Day. We got permisison from President Markham to leave our zone. It was so nice to see Atitlán again. And it was so nice - we weren´t burning up from being hot. It was a relaxing P-day.

And I´m leaving Patulul. I´m being transferred (aka I have changes, as we say in the mission). I´ve only been here 2 changes (transfers), but I´ll miss it. it´s been a good 12 weeks here in Patulul. We definitely saw some amazing miracles. We baptized a family - we baptized the husband of the sister we baptized a few weeks back. They are going to be such a strong family in the church. I´m excited for them. I can´t wait until they go to the Temple to be sealed.

And I got the package last week (when we had the conference with President and Hermana Markham. I love the shirts and also understand why dad was so shocked about how expensive they were. But I shared the candy with some of the Elders from my zone. And thank you - I am very grateful for every part of the package, from the Carmex to the gummy worms. :)

We bought a watermelon on July 4th - or, rather, we had one of the members buy one for us and then we paid him for it. It was the best watermelon I´ve eaten on my mission.

I´ve decided that I´m going to learn piano when I get back home. I wish that I had learned more before the mission because not a lot of people play here. Only once in a while in a few wards or branches can you find someone that can play piano that isn´t a missionary. And not all the missionaries play, either. So I´m going to learn a little here in the mission (right hand with a pedal note, like today in zone Training) and learn more after. 

This week, I have been learning a lot about praying with sincerity. My prayers have gotten better since before the mission, but they are still lacking. I´ve been trying to do better about telling Heavenly Father about what we did during the day and being more specific in my prayers. In chapter 4 of Preach My gospel, it talks about praying by the Spirit. And who we should pray for and how. I´m applying that more in my own personal prayers and am hoping that it will help the people I teach, as well. I know that as we pray with more sincerity and more specifically, we will see blessings in our lives and we will be able to see those blessings more.

Give Laura and Ryan and their family hugs for me and I hope that you will have a good time with them.

I love you, mom! I pray for you and our family everyday! Siga adelante en la fe (keep moving forward in the faith). I love you and hope you´re doing well!

con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Conover

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