Tuesday, July 22, 2014

letters to dad and mom July 22, 2014

July 22, 2014

Hi daddy!

I love you!

It´s a little different to be back in the city. Almost all the people know how to read (instead of the majority not knowing how to read). But people still work all the time here, but we´re finding people and will continue to find people to help. And I´m not training her -[Michelle's new companion in Villa Hermosa] I´m her first companion after her training. But, it´s still a responsibility that I´m trying to grow into. It´s a little different, but it´s all good!

And it´s true - Heavenly Father works miracles with the young men and women for missions. I´m still being changed (after 11+ months) and there are so many people that are changed for the better after working miracles in missions. We´re in the process of becoming what the Lord wants us to be. Sometimes it´s hard - well, a lot of times it´s hard - but worth it because we will be the instruments in the hands of the Lord that He needs to help His children.

The work in our area is going forward. We had a baptism this last Sunday and she´s going to be an awesome member. She´s a youth that´s a friend of one of our converts. The ward is strong - the members help us and support the missionary work. The area (in comparison to my last area) is small. Really small. But there are a lot of houses and a lot of people that we can teach. And we mostly walk. We take a mini bus or tuctuc once in a while, but we mostly walk. I´m feeling good. And yes, I love the shirts you picked out. I wear them all every week. :)

I love you, dad! Thank you for the prayers and I pray for you and mom and our family everyday!

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Pumpkin Conover

July 22,2014

Hi momma!

I love you!

The new area is good.  It´s different, for sure.  It´s weird to see "Burger King" billboards and everything, but here´s to getting used to it again. Being out in the boondocks sure makes a difference on what you value and what you think is amazing. The first time we went to La Torre, I thought, "wow, this is the closest thing to Safeway I´ve been in in my whole mission." It looked like a Safeway and has peanut butter. JIF- I´m going to buy some next week. :)

Well, I hope that your plants will be less bothered with birds and everything. And that the sun doesn´t leave them too burned this time around. :)

It´s interesting, because learning to listen to and following the Spirit is really hard to do and learn. I know as a missionary I´m still learning about how to follow the Spirit and learning more of how the Spirit works with me. That´s why there´s a whole chapter dedicated to the Spirit in Preach My Gospel because it is so integral that we understand how to follow the Spirit because if we don´t, we don´t teach with the Spirit, we´re not where we´re supposed to be, and we don´t help who we need to help. I know that as we learn more to understand how the Spirit works with us, we will be able to follow the Spirit more ably and will be able to help the people that our Heavenly Father wants us to help. It is so important to understand the workings of the Spirit and how it communicates with each of us.

This week I´ve been learning more about covenants with our Heavenly Father. President Markham is very big on making and keeping covenants with our Heavenly Father and how when we keep and make these covenants, we will have more power to do what we need to do and will see more miracles in our lives and the lives of our investigators and converts. I´ve been doing my best to keep the covenants I´ve made at baptism and in the Temple and have made a few more promises to my Heavenly Father that will help me to be able to help this work move forward. I know that as we make covenants, are exactly obedient, and are always increasing our faith that we will be able to see miracles in our lives and in the lives of others.

Oh, and we had a baptism on Sunday. Her name is Jennifer and is a friend of one of our converts. All of a sudden last Sunday she told her friend that she wanted to be baptized. So, we helped her with that (she had been taught by missionaries before and had her attendance to church, so we just taught her what she was lacking and then was baptized).

I love you, mom! I pray for you and our family everyday! And thank you for the prayers - they help.

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Sweetie Conover

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