Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hi daddy!
i love you!!!!
con amor,
Hermana Conover

no, just kidding.
The days are good. We`re working in Sololá a lot (in the aldeas, there are a lot of dogs and Hna. Euceda doesn`t like them, at all) and we`re trying to find new areas to knock or areas we haven`t contacted in a while. but we`re going to work with the members more to find new investigators because we know that with the members, we see miracles and baptisms (our last three baptisms were references).
I don`t have my man voice, but a cold, yes. But it`s almost over now, so don`t worry. Almost all of the missionaries have been sick in the mission because we set so high of a goal for baptisms this month - 400 baptisms. we`re almost there. And Satan knew (and knows) that we can achieve this goal, so that`s why we`re all sick. :)
happy belated anniversary! I was thinking about you Saturday night and hoped that you guys had a good day. That ound relaxing, staying at home, but there`s work to be done here, so here`s to working hard and praying harder. And of course, the heathliest food for dad - dark chocolate and fruit. remember the bag of dark chocolate mom and I got you for father`s day years ago? Ah, good times...and your still don`t have diabetes. :)
And way to go Jenna and Seth - that`s an amazing way to spend an anniversary.
I think about other worlds sometimes - the stars in Sololá are amazing and we sometimes talk about other worlds and other planets and universe. I can wait, though, to figure out how it all is until after. That`ll be a great documentary, as well. I`m excited to see it.
Maybe she could read 2 Nephi 31 - it talks about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And Ether 12 - it talks about faith and a testimony AFTER a trial of our faith. And all of the book of Mormon, but she can start with these chapters. It`ll be good.
This week we had a baptism, Calixto Garcia. He is a miracle. We started teaching him two Mondays ago and he got baptized Sunday. miracle. And he wants to go on a mission in a year. He`s going to do great things in his life in the church.
I cannot believe that I almost have 8 months in the mission. The time has FLOWN and it will continue to fly, I know it. I don`t know where teh time has gone. But that`s good, because that means we`re working. The time`s slow when we don`t have appointments or we aren`t working effectively, but if it`s flying, that means we`re working hard.
We had divisions this week and I went to Chimaltenango with hermana Coleman. She is in her last month in the mission. She`s an amazing missionary - she taught me so much about listening to the Spirit and following the Spirit.
This week we`re reading in Ether and I love Ether 12. It explains what faith is so clearly. And it`s interesting to think - Moroni, the last of the nephites, writes about the faith. And the hope. And how we can`t lose them. I love Ether 12:6 - we only receive a testimony after a TRIAL of our faith. I testify of that. We had a day this week where we only had 2 lessons and Satan attacked us REALLY hard (last Tuesday). Wednesday, we had 10 lessons and 6 new investigators. And Amazing experieneces. There are hard things in life and in the mission, but if we put in our all, thrust our sickle in with our might, we`ll have the Lord`s help. We need to be obedient and we need to press forward and pray, but the help will be there. The Lord will answer in His own time and in His own way, but He will answer.
I love you, dad. I pray for you and mom and our family everyday.

Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Pumpkin Conover


Hi momma!

That`ll be fun - a choir of the youth. That sounds fun. And the Carrillo boys are 12? And Connor? Wow, I`m getting old. :)

Maybe you can do an arrangement of "Families Can Be together Forever". that`d be nice. Or the primary song, "Love is Spoken Here".

I`m excited for your carrots! ¡Por fin! They finally grew! And I`m excited to see pictures of your lovely garden.

And Payton and Miriam are 8? What happened? They were four a year ago...

Well, we had another baptism on Sunday. He was a miracle. he had worked with our ward mission leader about 2 or 3 years ago and had listened to the missionaries when he was here. He was without a job this February and something told him to go back to Sololá. He came back and within three weeks, he was baptized and confirmed (we have District conference this weekend, that`s why he was confirmed after his baptism). He wants to go on a mission in a year and he`s excited. He`s going to do great things in the Church, I know it.

This week, we had divisions. I went to Chimaltenango with Hermana Coleman - she`s amazing. It`s her last transfer in the mission (I think) and she is such an amazing missionary. I worked with her my first day in the mission and it was a lot more enjoyable this time around because I could understand what was going on. One of the first things she said to me was "Your Spanish is REALLY good." Really. And she said it about two or three more times in the space of 24 hours. But she is SUCH AN EXAMPLE to me of following the Spirit. She`s fantastic at that and I hope to be like her.

This week we`re reading in Mormon and Ether in the Book of Mormon. I love Mormon 9 - it explains things very clearly and bluntly, as well. we call that "chicote" in the mission. It`s like chewing someone out. But I love it. And Ether, as well. The faith of the Brother of Jared (mahonri Moriancumer) is incredible. If only our faith could be as unshakable as his. As we study the scriptures, as we pray, go to church, and keep the commandments, we`re going to help our faith grow. Small things, but we know that through small things are great things brought to pass (Alma 37:6-7).

I love you, mom! I pray for you and dad and la familia everyday!

Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Conover

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