Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014
Hi daddy!

The interviews with President Brough are to see how we`re doing and if we have any questions. He asks a few questions, might look at our agendas, and we talk. And we finish in a prayer. Usually, he says the pray, but this last time I did. And he said after the prayer, with a smile, "That`s not a prayer from the Sister Conover I first met". And the interviews are in English.

That`s awesome about Jacob{Daynes].  He`s going to be a great missionary, too. South Carolina! How exciting!

And that`s good about your passport. And I had a similar experience - Jake was making funny faces throughout my picture, so mine is kind of the same.

And that experience with the sister that hadn`t been to church for 12 years. That happens. It`s sad, but it happens. but it`s good that the missionaries found her and she came back. We`ve met quite a few inactive people that left for various reasons that don`t want to have anything to do with the church and it`s sad. We want them to come back and remember their covenants and the Spirit that they felt, but sometimes they use their agency to choose to not come back. It`s hard, but agency is a God given right. And like it says in Doctrine and Covenants, their isn`t a force on earth that should infringe on that.

And... remodeling the yard. I was kind of waiting for that to come. I`m surprised you lasted as long as you did without changing anything. :)

We had divisions this week, but it was a little different. We stayed in Sololá (Hna. Euceda and me) and one of the sister trainers came to Sololá to work with us (Hna. Hansen). It`s funny - we were talking and Hna. Hansen lived in Glenwood for three of the months I was there and we have a mutual friend and were both their when our friend opened her mission call. Small world.

We also contacted a reference from a member this week and she`s basically going to be baptized. The first lesson, she accepted a baptism date when we challenged her and the second visit, she said, "I believe that what you`re teaching me is true". And another sister that we`re teaching, she said on Sunday, "I know this church is true", it`s just that her husband doesn`t want her to go to church. We`re going to work with her. She has three daughters and they`re so sweet.

The other day, I read a talk by President Monson from the relief society session of conference. And there`s a story that is very touching in this talk. It made me realized (again) that God is very aware of each of us. He knows us and wants the best for us. I love how my companion, Hna. Euceda, talks about trials. She says, "We all have trials and sometimes we think that it`s because God doesn`t love us that we have them. It`s not like that. We have trials and God gives us trials so that we grow (draw) closer to Him and get to know Him more and better." I love this Gospel and am so grateful for the peace and joy it brings into our lives. I`m grateful that I have this opportunity to help other people find this peace, as well.

I love you, dad! I pray for you and mom and our family everyday!

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Punkin Conover

February 18, 12014

Hi momma!
Well, you definitely did a lot of good things while you were in the presidency. And Jalene will be a great president and they`ll do wonderful things as a presidency, as well.  [The Relief Society Presidency was just released in Pittsburg 1st Ward.  Mom served as 2nd Counselor]

Olympics - wow. Time`s flown. Just yesterday was 2012 in London. Where are they this year?

There are pioneers here in Guatemala, too, that have sacrificed a lot, as well. There are about 4 families that traveled to Mesa Arizona to be sealed as a family between the years 1950 and 1970. The trip was at least four days by bus and some of them went through a bus accident when they were traveling. Their stories are incredible. There are people that have sacrificed so much for this Gospel and it blows my mind sometimes.

My clothes are doing good. They`re still holding up and whole. Just my socks. I have no idea how, but I have holes in every one of my socks. And I`ve tried fixing them - the holes come back around the stitches. We`re going to look for socks this P-Day.

And we didn`t feel the earthquakes. Or maybe we did, but I don`t think so. Really small if we did. But yeah, we`re fine. The volcanoes haven`t erupted, so we`re good. ; )

There`s a talk I really like that I read this week - it`s President Monson`s from the Relief Society session of conference. I love the story about the woman who was having a really hard time in her life and all she wanted was homemade bread and a friend of her sister brought it to her, not knowing her needs. I love this. It just shows how much the Lord loves us and, also, how important it is to listen to and follow Spiritual promptings. I love chapter 4 of Preach my Gospel - it explains how the Spirit works so clearly and also how to recognize and verify feelings and promptings of the Spirit.

This week we had divisions. The both of us (Hna. Euceda and me) stayed in Sololá and another hermana came to help us, Hna. Hansen. hna. Hansen live in Glenwood, too! For three of the months that I was there. And we have a mutual friend. It was funny when we realized this.

Anyway, I love this Gospel and am so grateful for it. It brings peace into our lives and can help us with everything. This week we taught the Book of Mormon to one of our investigators and read the third paragraph in the introduction. And we asked what stuck out to her and she said the peace. I know that this message brings peace in this life and the life to come nad the hope to endure till the end.

I love you, mom! You are such an example to me and I am so grateful that you do everything you do for us, your children, and the church. i pray for you and dad and our family everyday!

Con MUCHO amor,

hermana Bugaboo Conover

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