Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hi daddy!
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, that´s good enough for a letter, right?

Just kidding. This week has been good. I´m writing today because we had interviews with President Brough today and yesterday and we had District Meeting today and we´ll have P-Day tomorrow.
Mom said that you spoke in church yesterday. I did, too! I spoke about the agency of the investigators. In our branch, when we ask for references, a lot of the time the members say, "Oh, they´re Catholic" or something like that. And I spoke about how people have the right to use their agency to accept or reject this Gospel. We might have fear that they might reject it, but they have that right and we don´t have the right to use their agency for them. It was a little forceful, but it was with love and a smile. I love this work and it is so important that we do everything we can to tell everyone about the Church and the Gospel. It´s the ONLY way we can get back to our Heavenly Father. So we need to tell everyone about it.
We had a few miracles this week - we found two former investigators that are really positive. One of them is an hermana and she has three daughters and they´re really positive. It´s been about a year since she´s listened to the missionaries and she had accepted a baptismal date and everything. Somehow she fell off of the map, but we found her again. And another hermano, he listened to the Elders (so it´s been about 2 and a half years) and he´s really positive. He committed to reading 3 Nephi 11 to 3 Nephi 26. He said that if he knows it´s true, he´ll get baptized with the rest of his family (his wife and 2 sons). We´re excited to meet with both of them again.
I love Alma 26. It is such a great piece of scripture that expresses the heart of a missionary completely lost in the work of the Lord. I love Alma 26:12 - many mighty miracles were wrought because of the Lord. I love it. 
I love you, dad! I hope you and mom are doing well, as well as the rest of our family!

Con MUCHO Amor,
Hermana Pumpkin Conover
 February 10, 2014
 Hi momma!
So we´re emailing today because we had interviews with President Brough today and yesterday. I forgot to mention that last week - sorry. It´s just for today, though.
Yay  Jacob´s going on a mission! That will help him a lot. And you should to tell me where he´s going when you guys find out.
I spoke in church yesterday, too. I spoke about how people say (when we ask for references) that their friends are Catholic or Evangelical, or things like that, and I spoke about how they have the agency to accept or reject this message and we don´t have the right to deny them that priviledge. It was a little forceful, but it was given with love. And our ward mission leader said, "You don´t have to be ashamed to be a member of this church". It was a good day for missionary work. And the work is being pushed by the District Presidency. We´re going to see more miracles in Sololá, we can all feel it.
I really like the idea for the next activity your going to do. It sounds like it will be really spiritual and uplifting.
I don´t know the expiration date off the top of my head, but I will send it to you next week. And the checking to savings, there´s a spot on the main page where you can choose an account and another account and how much you want to change. I don´t remember exactly how at the moment, but it´s on the main page and simple. And THANK YOU for doing that - it helps, really.
And the water - it´s heated by a heater on the pipe of the bathroom. there´s a trick to turning the water on to have it be hot, but it works.
This week we had a few miracles. We found a former investigator that had accepted a baptism date but she fell off the map somehow. And we found her again and she accepted to hear us and we have another appointment with her this week. And she has three daughters and they´re all pilas.[great, fantastic etc.] 
And we found another former investigator. He was taught by the Elders that had been here before (so, it´s been about 2 and a half years) and he´s Evangelical, but he said that if he knows that this church is true, he´s going to be baptized, along with his family. He has two sons and a wife and he committed to read 3 Nephi 11-26. We had explained about the Book of Mormon and he said that with our whole message (about the restoration) he was fine with and the only thing that he had questions about was that Christ came to the Americas. We were going to leave just 3 Nephi 11, but mentioned that it was only part of when Christ came and he said he was going to read all of it. We have an appointment with him Wednesday. We think he´ll be baptized - there´s something about him. 
I might have mentioned this last week, but I love the conversion of Zeezrom in Alma. And how he was a missionary soon after. I love it.
Anyway, the work is moving forward. I love this Gospel and everyday I am so grateful that you and dad raised us in this truth. I love the LOrd and I love that I get to serve Him 24-7 for the next year (yes, there´s only a year left. Pretty soon I´m going to blink and be flying home, it feels like). 
I love you, mom! I hope all is well on the homefront!
Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Pumpkin Conover

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