Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 24, 2013 email to dad

hi dad!

 I love you!

Anyway, I'm not writing a lot today becuase we'll be talking tomorrow!!!
I'm sending pictures in other emails so that you and the family can get a view of guatemala and the mission.

This week has been good - we're working on finding people to teach IN Sololá and not in the Aldeas.
The temple trip was amazing. we got to see the new video. In English. we had new translators and it was awesome. And it makes more sense of why there's so much more pauses in the video when you watch it side by side with Spanish and English. It made the translations flow better. Anyway, it was amazing. This time, I realized the importance of obedience. It definitely is a law on which the foundation of the world is based off of.

We left at 1 in the morning (we got permission to not sleep because we would have had to get up at 11.30 and only one hour wouldn't have done a lot of good) and didn't really sleep in the bus. We went to the Temple and after had a devotional with President and his family and we got our packages. Thanks to you and mom and Laura, I had candy to share on the way back home. We all opened our presents on the bus and enjoyed them all together. I had some chocolate from Peru. Oh man, it was delicious.

We have food rules in the mission. We can't eat pork or anything like it (including sliced ham for sandwiches), no fish, no strawberries, no grapes, lettuce, or ice cream from the street or any food from the street. That's about it, I think. Otherwise, we have to wash it really well (like let it sit in bleach water for a few minutes and let it air dry) or make sure it has a peel (like bananas, papayas, etc). We eat pretty well. Oatmeal or cereal in the morning (with yogurt if its cereal and an apple), a really good lunch from our cocinera (cook), and something for dinner after planning (usually cereal or oatmeal). We don't go hungry we try to eat well. I feel fine - I've only gotten sick from food once here in Sololá and that's because it was really rich. Most of the time I'm fine.
To leave town we take a bus and it takes us to where we need to go. that or a flete (the truck where a bunch of people jump into the back). It's all pretty cheap. And in town, sometimes we take taxis or a tuk-tuk - it's a taxi but it's a motorcycle. I think we're the only area that gets to use tuk-tuks and fletes.

We had a Christmas miracle! We didn't have hot water for a really long time (four weeks - the whole time I've been here plus some) [ Michelle only gets water between 7 am and 1 pm, anyway] and the electricity was all funny and didn't work right, at all. So yesterday, someone came and fixed it. And we had hot showers today. It was fantastic.

Anyway, as a mission, we're reading the Book of Mormon together. We started on Saturday and we finished 1 Nephi 8 today. It's going well. Hermana Peterson and I decided that we're going to read it in Spanish and highlight every time the word Señor, Dios, Cristo, or Jesucristo appears. I love the Book of Mormon and I am so grateful that we get to read it as a mission. It's kind of cool to think that all the missionaries in our mission are reading the same things everyday and getting different revelation from it. I love this book and I know that it is scripture and the words of God.
I love you, dad! I'm so excited we get to talk tomorrow!

con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Conover

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