Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 26, 2013 letter

Hi daddy!

Sorry about your hand. I hope it heals quickly. And yes, "asistir" is attend. Its funny when that happens.  [Michelle said that two men wanted to "assist" church last week. She's officially speaking Spanglish now.  Mom's note]

That´s great about Whitney [Nielson--Whitney is going on a mission] - I´m excited for her.

Yes, we´re still in a threesome. We have changes [transfers] in two weeks. 
We can only go to a dinner if there´s investigator present that we´re going to teach. Other than that, we eat when we get home and after planning. We haven´t done that yet, though. Maybe soon. We eat lunch at either our cook´s house (just lunch, though), the Bishop´s, or a members. Sometimes, we buy lunch, but that´s only if our cook isn´t there or it´s really late. The memebrs here that assist in our appointments are awesome. They have strong testimonies and share them with our investigators. We have anywhere from 1 to 7 appointments a day with members. It´s vacations right now, so  sometimes it´s hard to find people to go with us but other days, a lot of people can.

We do have a ward mission leader. Hermano Conde works really hard with us and helps us a lot. We have correlation each week and he usually buys us dinner after correlation (like pizza or Burger King, nothing huge). But he helps with our plans for the week - when we need to do divisions to pass for our investigators Sunday morning, helping pass for our investigators, calling people to come to appointments with us, and always asks how we´re doing and what we need help with. He also asks about our investigators and how they´re doing. He is a really good mission leader (not as good as my papa, though). We have changes in two weeks and I´m kind of scared to leave (if I leave - we don´t know who yet) because I don´t know how the next ward mission leader will be or if we´ll have one. But, I have faith everything will be alright.

We had Stake Conference, too! It was a Guatemala-wide Stake Conference and was broadcasted from Salt Lake. President Eyring presided. One of the Seventy spoke and Sister Wixom spoke, too. And Elder Scott spoke (who speaks very good Spanish, I might add. He didn´t need a translator). And then President Eyring. The whole conference was centered on families, how we´re all children of God, and the importance of women in society today. Saturday night was good - a lot about la obra misional (missionary work). It was really good and I´m glad that we got to go Saturday, as well.

We had lunch with the President yesterday (we were the "most successful" zone last month) and Hermana Brough cooked. Oh man. It was so good. She made ham with brown sugar (and we can´t have Guatemalan pig, so it was a treat), and funeral potatoes (which were delicious), salad (we can´t have lettuce, either, so that was nice), and chocolate chip cookies and "sugar bombs" (think of peanut butter, sugar, and rice krispies rolles in chocolate). It was so good. And then we played "mafia" in Spanish (it was hilarious. When someone would accuse Hermana Brough of being "mafia", President would joke, "Alright, who´s getting changed to misión sur?" It was hilarious.). Anyway, that was a really good P-Day.

I finished the Book of Mormon this past week and it really hit me this time that I read it that everything in the Book of Mormon points to Christ. Before my mission, I knew that, but I realized it this time. Everything. All the war chapters and everything. In 1 Nephi 6:5-6 says that only things of worth for the children of men are to be written on the  plates and that just indicates more that everything in the Book of Mormon is for our benefit. And then you realize that not even a hundredth part of the records are in the Book of Mormon (see the end of Mormon and Ether). So everything - every word, punctuation, sentence, paragraph - is in the Book of Mormon because God knows that it will help us the most and we just need to read adn study adn pray to find what we can apply in our lives. It takes practice and work, but it´s possible to find what we need to read and apply in our lives.

So, happy (early) turkey day! Eat some turkey and potatoes for me! (Hermana Weatherford and I are going to make instant mashed potatoes, I´m going to attempt to make gravy, and we bought turkey slices for our turkey. It´s going to be Thanksgiving mission style.)
I love you, daddy! I pray for you and I love you! It´s all good!

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Pumpkin Conover

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