Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19th, 2013 letter

Hi daddy!
I love you, too! I pray for you and mom and the family everyday! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week - eat some potatoes and turkey for me.  [mom's note:  She's one week off.]
The weeks fly by here. Yesterday felt like October or September. When we work with diligence (which we strive to do all the time), the days fly and we look at our watches and ask, ¨Where did the last 5 hours go?¨. That happens quite a lot, actually.

It actually hasn´t rained for a few weeks. Clouds, yes. Humidity, absolutely (the past few days have been really humid. Sweating at 11 in the morning? Yep.). But, it´s vale la pena (it´s worth it).

I love that you get to work at the Temple.

We´ve had some really good lessons this week. We have a family that´s interested in our message. The first time we met with them, they weren´t receptive at all. But we visited again and they showed interest. And the other day we taught about faith and the husband said that he wanted to assist [she's shortened "asistir" which means "attend" in English] church (the wife wasn´t there). And he read the Book of Mormon. And we have another brother who is Atheist, but he´s assisted church 2 times. And he said he has a lot of questions for us. We´re meeting with him on Thursday and we´ll try to help him come unto Christ and feel the Spirit to gain a testimony that there is a God. It might take time, but I think he might be baptized.

I really thought about Ether 12, verse 27 this week. Where God will show us our weaknesses as we come unto Him. As we come more unto Christ and learn more about Him and how He is, we see our weaknesses because we´re shown them. And once we recognize our weaknesses, we work to improve them. And we use the Atonement to help us do that and it´s only through the Atonement that we can make lasting changes in our lives and behaviors. The repentance process is more like the Atonement process because the process works for making things or attributes better in our lives, too. It´s a change of heart and a change of mindset. The repentance process of recognizing we need to change, not doing that thing or changing behavior, asking for help through prayer, deciding to change or not doing it anymore, and changing your will and heart to be algined with Heavenly Father´s. And having the patience and hope to get through all of that. And that we can wait for the Lord´s time and the Lord´s way, as well.

Well, I love you, dad! There are a lot of miles between us, but I still love you and feel your love and prayers help
me out. I love you mucho!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana "Pumpkin" Conover

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