Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Letters to Dad and Mom May 13, 2014

Today at 12:34 PM
May 13, 2014
Hi daddy!
That was such a blessing (and miracle) that we got to talk through Skype on Sunday. I am very grateful that we had that opportunity. And my eyes are more green now than brown. I don`t know why, but they`re green. Maybe it`s all the sun.
And yes, I have some difficulty sometimes thinking of words in English. I`m glad that my companion is from Arizona and that I can ask her. And the Zone leader, as well. But, I can relearn English when I get home, if I need to. 
I forgot to ask you that on Sunday - so you did make cookies? We have made the cookie dough two times here in Patulul. My companion wrote down the recipe (I hope that`s ok). And we`ve just eaten it as cookie dough because we don`t have an oven, but if we wanted to, I bet we could cook it in a box with tin foil. But, it`s good just to eat it. :)
There wasn`t AC, but that`s ok, you get used to it.
That`s so weird that you don`t have a calling. How many years has it been? But, knowing the ward, you`ll have a calling again real quick. Maybe you`ll finally work with the nursery! :)

Right now in Preach My Gospel, we just finished reading Chapter 8 about using time wisely. And I love what it says about stewardship and how we need to learn it in the mission because it`s an eternal principle that we`ll use after the mission and after this life, as well.
And today I read in Alma 20 and 21. I especially like Alma 21:23 and how Ammon taught the people of Limhi all things concerning righteousness. And how he was "diligent" in teaching the people. Diligence is an attribute of Christ. We need to develop it as much as we need to develop our faith or our humility or virtue (Chapter 6, PMG.) [Preach My Gospel] We emphasize diligence a lot in our mission - we walk fast (or run, as the case may be), we contact everyone, and we are exactly obedient to have the Spirit and miracles in the missionary work. I know that diligence is also a principle of the eternities and that we need to be proactive to do the things that God asks us to do and that we`re not "slothful servants".
I love you, dad! I am so grateful that I got to see you Sunday! I`ll see you in a month! :) (it`s going to feel like that, just watch)
I love you! I pray for you! and ¡Todo está bien!
Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Conover
May 13, 2014
Hi mom!

I`m sorry we started late - it was a bunch of things that happened on our end and sorry if you were stressing about it. [Mama wasn't stressing, but the papa bear surely was.)  But I`m just glad we got to Skype and not just talk on the phone. It was such a blessing to see you and dad and our family well.
And it`s true - the Book of Mormon converts people. We use the Bible to convince people (like teaching them how to pray, or how Jesus was baptized) and then we have them read the Book of Mormon to fill in the gaps and to make things "clearer". [Michelle told us in our Skyping session with her that the Bible "convinces," the Book of Mormon "converts".]
And ward music chairman. That`s exciting - what`s Lydia`s calling, again?
I think I said "It`s all good" more in our conversation than in all of my mission. But, it`s true. If we`re optimistic and hopeful and have faith through the hard things in life and choose to be happy, then it`s all good and we can be happy in hard things. And we can have the confidence that we can do hard things.
This week we`re reading in Preach My Gospel in Chapter 8 (and starting Chapter 9 tomorrow) and I love how it talks about spending time wisely. I made the connection the other day that the class I took my first year of college about spending time wisely is Chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel. Well. I`m going to apply it better in my life, now. I understand better how to organize time. And this week I`ve also realized how much the mission prepares us for life - we learn tools in the mission, but we can apply them to life. We we`re talking about outlines for lessons and practicing them, and my companion and I realized that it also works for helping our future kids, If they have a problem, you can practice what you`re going to say and you can receive revelation for them. If it happens in the mission, it can also happen in life.
And I read Alma 20 and 21 today.  And I love Alma 21:16-17 and how it was AFTER that Aaron and his brethren were patient they received blessings. Sometimes, it`s hard to be patient in our afflictions, but when we`re patient and are steadfast and immovable, we can have the assurance that we will be blessed for our patience.
I love you, mom! I`m so glad that I got to see you and the family on Sunday! I pray for you and dad and our family everyday! Have a wonderful week and I hope that you`re plants don`t die and get enough water!
Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana "It`s All Good" Conover

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